Dear friends!

Ukrainian kitefliers are suffering horrors of war right now! Please help about 200 Ukrainian Kite Association members and their families to survive!


You can send money only from your personal PayPal account to the account of UKA President Dr. Pavlo Shmulevych,

using this email id:

Note that you should use the Personal payment option only (not trade, commercial etc.).

Currencies to send are EUR, USD, CAD, GBP. Other currencies should also be accepted and exchanged by the system, but it seems better not to try :-)

SWIFT transfer

This seems to be the best way, if you do not hold a PayPal account.

Please kindly contact UKA President Dr. Shmulevych to receive all bank data needed.

That is not safe to publish it here.

Transfers should be sent in USD or EUR.

Money transfer

Please use one of these services:

1. Western Union, 2. MoneyGram, 3. Ria Money Transfer, 4. Intel Express.

Transfers should be sent to be received as a cash pickup in USD or EUR (not our local UAH!).

This data of the person to receive should be sufficient: Pavlo Shmulevych, Ukraine.

Sometimes they ask mobile phone number: +380506802792

Once the transfer is completed, please send the reference number to, indicating your country and the sum you sent.

Bank cards

Unfortunately, PayPal has blocked this option for us (Ukraine). Other services seem to have problems for us, too.

You can also try to use Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria Money Transfer, Intel Express to send from your bank card if they allow you such an option.

If not, please use other options above or contact UKA President to find more ways to help us.

Please contact UKA President Dr. Pavlo Shmulevych with any questions regarding donations:

(please note that Pavlo will not be able to accept your friend request,

if you are not friends already - due to almost reached 5000 FB friends limit)