Pavlo Shmulevych, president of Ukrainian Kite Association, tortured in russian captivity! PLEASE HELP!

Pavlo was captured by russian military at his home in Kherson in July 2022. He was being tortured during 39 days. Now, he is ill and needs your help! All the story is below in the section 'Story of Pavlo Shmulevych'.

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In July 2022 Dr. Pavlo Shmulevych, president of Ukrainian Kite Association, was captured by russian military in occupied Kherson city, kite capital of Ukraine. Pavlo was held for 39 days. He was relentlessly beaten and severely tortured, also electrotortured. Throughout the period of captivity, Pavlo’s mother did not know where he was and if he was alive. Russian soldiers took from Pavlo his smartphone, laptop, PC of Ukrainian Kite Association, hard drives and all other devices. Nothing was ever returned. As Pavlo says, “I lost my digital life of last 20 years”. All the documents, photo and video archives of Ukrainian Kite Association were also gone forever.

After the release, in September Pavlo with his family managed to escape to Georgia, and afterwards, with only several small bags, to one of the European countries where they applied for refugee status. They are safe now.

After the liberation of Kherson in November Pavlo has less fear to speak freely about his tragedy. Now he calls for help!

Shmulevych family is in great need of medical support that is not fully covered by local insurance. They also need furniture and other basics for an apartment that they will soon rent.

Pavlo is ill now. With this fundraiser, Pavlo hopes to collect enough funds for his family to meet basic living needs and to receive proper rehabilitation.


This article on BBC tells the story of Pavlo’s colleagues who were taken on the same day with him and kept captive in the same place:

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